When I set out to compile and write this book, I knew the work was going to be more different than anything I had done before. But I never guessed how far I would stretch beyond the comfort of my everyday surroundings or how many people would guide me along the way. This book is a dedication to all those people who have motivated me through these years.

I am grateful to Dr. PK Grant, the Chief Trustee and a guiding friend; Mr. Bomi Bhote, the strongest pillar of the ICU; Dr. RB Gulati and Dr. RS Wadia, my mentors. To Dr. KB Grant—my mentor, philosopher, guide and Guru - I owe an irredeemable debt. His guidance into the world of medicine and his encouragement to set up the critical care unit have made me not only a committed professional, but also a better human being!

The ICU is my first baby. This book is dedicated to my co-workers, my teachers, my students and especially my patients from whom I continue to learn so much. I am grateful to my family including my parents and in-laws who always encouraged me in my unrelenting pursuit of a demanding career. My son Aalok has accepted me as a working mother and my husband Milind has always been a pillar of strength.

May this book inspire us all to push the envelope and to encompass all human life in a compassionate embrace while practicing this treasured art with heart, humility and humanity.

Dr. Prachee Sathe

Director, Department of Critical Care Medicine
Ruby Hall Clinic


While quoting various experiences, I have taken the caution to change the names and identities of people, incidents or places involved. Any similarities should be considered purely coincidental. Some patients have happily shared their experiences with disclosure of identities!