An Extraordinary Journey

Titles Read

Down Memory Lane :


Transplanting With Love

Dr. Abhay Sadre

Such A Long Journey

Dr. N. C. Edul

Pune, You Have Made Us What We Are

Dr. R.B. Gulati

At The Heart Of Critical Care

Dr. Jagdish Hiremath

A Positive Environment, A Rewarding Time

Dr. Kapil Zirpe

More Than A Teacher!

Dr. Manisha Karmarkar

Nothing But The Best

Dr. S. M. Karandikar

A Very Memorable Day

Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar

Organophosphate Poisoning : Over 50 Years Of Experience

Dr. R. S. Wadia

Caring For Our High - Profile Guests

Twenty Five Years Of Critical Care Nursing At Ruby Hall Clinic

Lt. Col. Cissy Cruze

My Challenging Cases :


A Race Against Time

Dr. Minish Jain

Life Saving Team Work

Dr. S.G. Deshpande And Dr. Anuja Athale

End Of The Line

Dr. Sachin Gandhi

How Lives Get Saved And Who Stands Between Life And Death

Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh

A Successful Collaboration

Dr. Sanjay Vhora

Saving A Mother In The Icu!

Dr. Shirin Venkat

‘We’ Made It!

Dr. Sujai Hegde

A Long Battle Against Cancer

Prof. R. V. Kulkarni

Miracle Place

Dr. Vijay Ramanan

Doctor/Relative Perspective :


The Tsunami In Our Lives

Dr. Nitin Bhagali

A Myriad Of Patients, A Means Of Support

Dr. D. S. Lonkar

A Story Of Two Innings

Dr. Harshad Joshi

Providing Rays Of Hope

Dr. Sanjay Shivade

Icu Technical Aspects :


A Look Into The Icu Data : 2014-2016

Twenty-Five Glorious Years Of Academics

Dr. Sharad Yadav
Dr. Prashant Sakhavalkar
Dr. D N Bhalerao

Humble Contributions To Research In Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Prashant Sakhavalkar

Code Blue

Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Code Blue : A New Gift Of Life

Zoher Harnesswala

Reviving Hope, Resuscitating Life

Dr. Shilpa Kulkarni

The Art And Science Of Patient Monitoring

Dr. Sanmay Chowdhury

Those Who Bind Us Together

Dr. Prachee Sathe

Nutritional Care In The Icu

Dr. Kamal Palia And Dr. Sheetal Ghali