Holding Hands

Titles Read

The Pinnacle Of Nursing Care

Dinesh Divakar

Capturing Life-Saving Images With Radiology

Dr. Avinash Nanivadekar

A Symbiotic Relationship

Dr. Nita Munshi

On Stand By: Emergency Medical Services, Casualty

Dr. Sagar Maddani

Movement Is Medicine

Dr. Smita Ingle

Adapting To The Field Of Transfusionmedicine

Dr. Snehal Mujumdar

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine!

Dr. Sanjay Pathare

When Death Comes Knocking On The Door

Pallavi Khalekar

Holding Hands Through The Hardest of Times

Surekha Joshi

Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality

Bomi Bhote