Mr. Bomi Bhote

CEO - Ruby Hall Clinic

Recognising Past Achievements, Inspiring New Ones

This is a story of a collective vision of transforming care and more importantly, bringing health and hope to everyone. A story of how an incredible team came together to build a new healthcare cluster - the ICU - the lifeline of the hospital.

Recognising Past Achievements, Inspiring New Ones

In the twenty-five years that have gone by, countless individuals have dreamed, planned, designed, piloted, tested, trained and worked with immense passion to take the ICU to where it stands today. Dr. Prachee Sathe and her team has made difficult decisions, battled steep learning curves, donned numerous hats and pushed themselves beyond the ordinary.

All of the tremendous feats and accomplishments at Ruby Hall Clinic would not have been possible without the vision of those who have come before us, and our extensive network of staff, volunteers, and affiliates who work hard every day of the year to provide caring and compassionate healthcare services.What’s most important is that we haven’t lost our tradition. We are adding to it, and we are getting better for our patients.

To those who have gone before us, and to those who will follow, we hope our words and images recognise past achievements and inspire new ones.